Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What does it mean to center oneself?

I am offering one hour introductory classes on Energy Healing at 10 pm on Monday evenings, and 10 am Wednesday and Saturday mornings here in Kaohsiung. Investment is 300 NT per class.
I am also available for private sessions by appointment.
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Some popular cliches in spiritual literature include "Center Yourself", or "Find Your Center". Or, how about "Navel Gazing" as a derisive term for day dreaming, wasting time on "non-productive" activities? What do these terms mean? Is there a practical meaning that escapes most people?
The human body is a bit like the planet that we live on. It has a North pole (the Crown Chakra at the top of the head), a South pole (the Root Chakra that spins straight down from just in front of the tailbone), and an axis on which the energy of our body spins. We call this axis the "tube of light", or "central vertical current". There is a direct relationship between our physical, emotional and mental health and this central axis through which we focus. In fact, if our physical bodies are not aligned with our energetic center line, all kinds of things can go wrong in our lives.
We can be "in front of ourselves", "have our backs up", "back down" when we really need to go forward, or be "beside ourselves" (to the right or left, both with different implications). We can also be "top heavy" (living more in Spirit), or "bottom heavy" (consciousness more Earth-bound). All of these imbalances have their limitations.

The good news is that we can correct any of these through some simple, but persistent, meditation and self healing practises. Sometimes this is a gentle, subtle process, at other times it is more like a "chiropractic adjustment for the soul". Learning how to "Contemplate Your Navel" is a powerful process which, once properly learned, will be yours forever.
In both our group and private sessions (in person, by phone or video chat), I facilitate these transitions in as graceful and powerful a way as possible, given the needs of the person and situation at hand. I have been practising Qi Gong and other energy processes for over twenty years. I am available to assist you in gaining more knowledge of your self as Spirit manifesting through your Body, Emotions and Mind. Every part of you has gifts, and I am at your service to help you to integrate your gifts for Self Empowerment and clarity of life direction.

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