Monday, November 10, 2008

The Energetics of Yes and No


©Amanda Knapp, 2008

Edited by: Seamas Manly

The energetics of the words Yes and No play an enormous role in our lives. Our understanding of these commonly used words deepens our ability to use them correctly and with personal integrity.

They are some of the simplest and most commonly misused words in the English language. "No" is one of the first words we learn as toddlers because of the instant effect it has on the adults around us. It defines our ability to make decisions for ourselves, and gives us a way to express out individual tastes and feelings about a situation. As we grow older, if our honest expression is not well received, it often becomes more difficult to say "no" with the conviction of a two year old.

This is a problem because if we are unable to express honestly what we feel, the collision of energies between Yes and No gets caught in our bodies. When our actions are not congruent with what we feel, our Central Vertical Current (see chapters "Between Heaven and Earth" and "Hara Line") becomes collapsed, moves off centre, turns inward on itself and causes compression in our chakras, energy bodies and physical tissues. Our reluctance to stand up for ourselves becomes the imprint for future mental confusion, emotional self-doubt and spiritual chaos. If left alone for years, it can pull our focus of intention further and further off centre until we may feel we have left ourselves behind somehow without knowing when or why. This makes it very difficult to manifest intended outcomes in life and can lead to hopelessness. It can also add energetic charge to present and future conflict. Using "Yes" and "No" and their energies properly is fundamental for the creation of healthy, strong and flexible boundaries.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

-Albert Einstein

In turn, saying Yes when we mean Yes and vice versa simplifies our lives and our energies. If it is not possible to say either given the proposition or our emotional state at the time, it is always better to say neither. As adults, the situations we face are increasingly complicated and so sometimes it is better to say both Yes and No to different parts of a situation. For example, "yes I agree, this needs to happen but I don't like the way it is being suggested."

The following exercises are simple and profound. They can help us tune into a clear signal within ourselves about what it means for us to invite the energy of these words. Practicing them will exercise your Emotional body and increase your awareness of your instinctual feelings, allowing you to stay connected to them during difficult and triggering situations. By exercising your Emotional body, you are also exercising other levels of the aura.

The rest of the article is included with the course manual. The full manual will be available for purchase to those who don't do the course. We plan to have the exercises available on CD to accompany the manual soon.

Boundary Awareness will be taught at Corunum on Saturday November 15th and in Duncan Sunday November 16, from 10am until approximately 4pm.

Investment in Self: $100. Bring a friend and receive a 25% discount.

Please bring a lunch, a cusheon and a cup. Let us know if you need a chair. We will provide tea. Please dress for the weather as we will go outside for part of the day, weather permitting.

Boundary Awareness Course Contents

Between Heaven and Earth: Basic and Intermediate Exercises for Grounding, Boundary Awareness and Stabilization, Clearing Foreign Energies and Energy Balancing. Opening the Arm and Leg Energy Channels to draw in more energy.

The Hara Line: Activating and Owning your Power of Intention. Clearing Tangles of Intention with other people. Harmonizing the Energies of Relationships and Groups. How to Separate Your Energy from Another when you are confused about your personal space.

The Energetics of Yes and No: How these powerful words affect the energy of your Hara Line. Reclaim the power of your individual voice.

Healthy Boundary Affirmations. What you express, on all levels, is what you get. Use these affirmations to clear unresolved patterns of communication and low self-esteem.

Mental Emotional Clearing: Getting in touch with the different energy levels of Self. More exercises for busting old patterns.

Power of the Breath. Yin and Yang effects of different breathing exercises. Calming and Energizing. Using your breath as a vehicle for your intent.

This is more material than we will cover in one day. The exact curriculum will vary with the needs of the group. Some of it will be for your later study. Personal energy reading and coaching is also available to go with this material, in person, by phone or email.

We welcome your participation. Please contact Seamas at 250-732-2352,, or Amanda at 250-732-2372,

Please note that our Boundary Awareness workshop is this Saturday, November 15 at Corunum Centre outside of Victoria, or Sunday November 16 at the Cowichan Valley Holistic Centre in Duncan. If you would like to come, please let us know in advance.

We're so sure you will benefit from this program that we offer the following guarantee: If you are not impressed at the end of the day, we will refund your tuition, reimburse your gas money, and you can keep the course manual. This material has benefitted us greatly in our personal lives and our relationship, so we are excited to share it with you.

This material will be of benefit to all kinds of relationships, be they personal or professional. The course content is particularly geared to the needs of spouses, parents, yoga teachers and healthcare practitioners.


Seamas and Amanda